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Tony | Rating
Brought it, love it... had my doubts but The Jacket Maker delivers... will absolutely be making future purchasers... about two weeks for delivery to Australia, great value and free delivery is just a bonus

Rafael | Rating
The pros: The leather quality is the best I've ever seen. It's honestly top-notch. The lining is comfortable, and the stitching is excellent as well. Furthermore, it's very warm. The collar stands up well. The cons: Since I ordered this coat, the description had changed, and I received the updated version offered. There is only one pocket, in contrast the five I was expecting from the initial description. The pocket that I found was on the arm. There was no diagonal belt crossing from shoulder to waist. There were no buttons on the coat with which to close it, though the rivet pattern did provide an attractive aesthetic look. The delivery time was longer than anticipated. Summary: Worth the purchase, and worth the wait. If you really need the pockets and buttons, I'd recommend taking it to a taylor.

zuhaib | Rating

Jai | Rating
First off the coat is awesome! I was sceptical at first, but being that I had gotten the jacket prior I was sure it would be of good quality. I couldn't be anymore right, I was really impressed with how fast they got it out to me and how good this coat looked compaired to many others out there.

daniel butler | Rating
I really love the dante coat

Star Lord! | Rating
This jacket is made from amazing quality, just as they promise, but seeing it in person is something spectacular! The jacket is an awesome colour, made from top quality leather, stands out from all other jackets, and can be worn wherever! I struggle to take mine off; I just love it! Arrived on time and was very well packaged too. Hats off to these guys I stumbled across by chance! Thanks :D

jess | Rating
The jacket is great! I ordered for my husband's birthday, I fretted about getting it to arrive in Sydney, Australia in time but they made sure it arrived on time, thankyou! Jacket is really detailed and well made, very happy with it and the service.

Lane Fox -Huntsville, AL | Rating
I ordered this outfit for local events and Dragon Con. I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the price compared to other expired alternatives that I've seen online. However, they did a GREAT job. I went with the custom sizing options and it fits perfectly. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the leather as well. So if you are looking for an option for this costume this should be something that you should consider. I'm even considering getting another black variant of the outfit if I can get them to do it. I'm waiting to see what comes out of the Netflix series and see if they do a version of it here. If you are curious about the outfit than hit me up on Facebook and I'll get some pics over to you. I'm still working on lenses for my cowl.

Yiu-Hay | Rating
A good fitting jacket with attention to detail and very comfortable. Two very minor niggles: 1) the jacket is made out of sheepskin leather and a little on the thin side. I'm used to thicker leather as I treat things a little on the rough side but that's personal preference. 2) maybe use stronger button poppers on the front (which secures the hood) as the hood itself weighs a little more then imagined. All things considered, a great jacket. The customer service is also good, as well as the packaging on delivery - it comes in it's own bag with leather samples!

Josh | Rating
Ordered this jacket and got it within a reasonable amount of time. Fits me perfectly! I was a little worried I would look a little funny in a leather jacket because I've never worn one before and it looks great! I loved that new leather jacket smell opening the bag!

Bradley Zickefoose | Rating
I ordered this jacket for my sistewr in law. And even though it is not as long as she would like or as depicted in the picture to the left, she absolutely loves it and intends on ordering more. Thanks! :)

Jessie | Rating
I'm very pleased with this jacket. It's warm, comfortable, and it fits me really well. I'm a woman with a huge difference between my waist measurement and the measurements of my bust and hips, and I often have big problems with coats that stop at my thighs. This fits nicely without having to dramatically mess with the proper silhouette of the coat. Also, this got to me so quickly after I ordered it. Great overall experience. I'd definitely order again.

Dustin Sleik | Rating
When I saw the episode of SmallVille where Clarke Kent (Tom Welling) was wearing the "S" symbol jacket I was blown away and wanted to have the same jacket as Clarke. I had my jacket customized to my exact fit and received it today the jacket fits absolutely perfectly and I am in love with it. The color is spectacular and the leather is soft and of high quality I will be purchasing the Green Arrow leather jacket next. Thank you Jacket Maker!

Eddie | Rating
I bought this Coat, Its amazing. I love it. it's very comfortable. and the leather isnt stiff. My only problem is that It took well over the projected 5-10 days to arrive. Would order again tho.

The RM | Rating
great jacket good quality and build but mine came with silver buttons and not black! other than that really like the jacket will order again.

The RM | Rating
Took 4 weeks to arrive but the fit was perfect (I have ordered another jacket which only took less than 2 weeks), not entirely screen accurate and the hood itself was a little on the small side. other than that quality of the leather and stitching and cut is really good. will be ordering more jackets in the future.

Sean | Rating
i orderd it about 3 weeks ago an its awsome . looks just like the picture an it even comes in its own bag

Steven | Rating
I ordered this jacket in a custom size, and it came out fantastic. I provided lots of reference photos, extra details, and extra specific measurements, to make sure the jacket was as accurate as it could be, and the Jacket Maker team was friendly and supportive, accepting all the complicated details in email exchange. The fit is great, and it's extremely accurate to the screen original. If I need another leather jacket, I'm definitely going to consider this team again.

Nerd lover | Rating
Thank you so much! The fit was perfect and the quality beyond amazing! My boyfriend absolutely loved it. Delivery was fast and seller worked with me to make sure the jacket fit perfectly. Very high quality!

Nina Pidler | Rating
This is a great jacket, the leather is really high quality, the cuffs are thick, all the seams and stitching detail is really neat and it's really comfortable, it fits absolutley perfectly. I love it and will be wearing it for years to come.

James | Rating
Almost Identical to the jacket in the show great job guys, If any one is thinking of getting an jacket like this don't look around for a cheaper one this one is pure quality.

Ryu Hong Gul | Rating
This is not only for cosplay. This jacket is actually designed as wearable leather jacket. You can wear it when you go outside and everyone think it's cool looking jacket. Of course, $335 is not exactly cheap. But this jacket is worth every penny of it. I highly recommend this jacket for those of you who is just looking for a beautiful red leather jacket to wear for every day use. Or who wants something for your Star Lord costume but not really sure about buying one of those cheap looking Star Lord jacket that other sellers offering. Trust me. I've seen other guys buying that one of those cheap looking Star Lord jacket made out of faux leather and cost less than $100. As soon as he saw my jacket from TheJacketMaker, he throw his jacket away and purchased this one. That's how this jacket worth and looks. It literally changes someones mind!! I have never regretted for purchasing this jacket.

Louie | Rating
I really love this coat! It looks great on me. I can't wait to get. Superman or Arrow one next....I was also very impressed with how fast it arrived and how it was packed. I'm keeping my jacket maker garment bag :)

Kyle N | Rating
This is a MARVELOUS jacket. It looks divine in person and always fetches looks and compliments. It's recognizable to the show and the staff are always willing to accommodate for special requirements!

Euanique | Rating
Vest arrived and just DAMN, I honestly thought this service was too good to be true to be honest and so because of this I felt the NEED to review. The vest is absolutely amazing. It fits well, you can feel that it is quality material and just looking at it you know time went into it. One of the holsters rivets broke which kinda sucks but the vest is just too good to get caught up on that fact. Oh so definitely buying here again.

Cinnamoni | Rating
Bought this jacket for my boyfriend -- Great quality, they wanted to make sure that the jacket fits you correctly by asking you for your measurements (even if you choose a basic option) AND they even followed through with my boyfriend's request by increasing the length of the jacket from the collar. My boyfriend is very pleased and I'm looking forward to making another future purchase with this website.

Kevin | Rating
I have 5 Captain America Jackets and this one is by far the best one I own. It is nice how it is a pull over, When captain America movie 2016 comes out I will definatly order that jacket too if they make one.

Scott | Rating
I ordered the jacket with request for some modifications and the jacket came and fit me perfectly and the modifications were exactly what I wanted. It is a well design and made jacket.

Pablo Primo | Rating
I just received the jacket, incredible quality, packaging and shipping (Spain). perfect

august | Rating
I love this jacket. Had it bout 3 months so far. It wears amazing. I managed to get a scratch in the collar and it brought the orange out even more. I can only imagine it looks better with age. It would be awesome if this site also made starlords jacket with the 3 coat button option like towards the end of the movie. (He wears 3 coats throughout, the one you already have being the most worn.)

jeff holman | Rating
This is a really good jacket. I have purchased 2, so far, from the jacket maker and must say the quality is very good. I have had them now for a few weeks and am impressed with the care taken in the manufacture. The jacket maker staff ensured the sizing was appropriate so this jacket does fit really well. I would recommend.

jeff holman | Rating
I have had this jacket now for a few weeks. I can honestly say that it is excellent. The quality is really good and the jacket maker staff ensured that it would fit. I would recommend (just be aware that you may need to add import tax!). Really pleased.

Shane McMaster | Rating
My jacket arrived today, I love it! My brothers have half a mind to 'borrow' it. Great jacket, awesome product. Exactly like the picture.

Alex 0rtiz | Rating
NOT screen Accurate. But it is close. The ribbing around the arm is way off, same goes with the shoulder thingys around the upper arm. That being said, this jacket is freaking awesome!!! The bracers and shoulder thingys are removable and it looks great without it. I wish I could give it 5 stars but I can't. If your looking for an exact replica for an event or convention, this isn't it. But it is VERY close. If your looking for a cool and unique jacket to wear in real life, look no further.

Voltor | Rating
Most impressed by the fit and quality of the materials. So many jackets in this price range do not match the leather grain throughout; this one does. The stitching is amazing. I plan on having this jacket for many years to come, and I will be purchasing from you again within the year.

Jesse | Rating
I got this jacket about a month ago. Ordered it about two weeks before Christmas and got it on the 23rd. It is freakin awesome. They got my measurements right, it looks authentic, and I show it off to all my friends. Highly recommend to other nerds like me.

Mike | Rating
Absolutely immense. Well worth the money; will definitely buy more from this site.

Glo | Rating
Amazing will not describe this jacket. My husband absoulutly loves the jacket and said it was one of the nicest gifts he has recieved. Quality was A+, fit was wonderful. They went out of their way to get his measurement and make sure the jacket fits right. If I need to shop for a jacket there is only one place I visit. Thank you!

Clint Barton | Rating
I ordered this vest because I think Hawkeye is awesome. Checked out the Jacket Maker Facebook page and read some posts that had me a little worried about quality but when the item arrived I was fairly pleased with the product. The patch on the vest seems a little cheap but for the most part it is pretty awesome. My only complaint is it took about a month for the item to get to me and I had to contact the website 3 times before my item shipped but once it shipped I received it within 2 days. So while the whole process was a little bumpy I'm still pleased with the product and I plan on ordering from this site again.

Ibrahim Mustafa | Rating
i purchased this item came earlier today and came fast will definitely be buying from you guys again fits perfect aswell

Tom | Rating
Super fast delivery, so thanks guys! I love the jacket, looks great, its comfy and they did a great job with the measurements so it fits perfect, the hood is a good, looks practical as well as looking great, its easy to take off, although bit harder to put back on (nothing major). Fantastic product, comfortable with two inside pockets and handwarmers. I will be looking at other things as well :)

Tom | Rating
Super fast delivery, so thanks guys! I love the jacket, looks great, its comfy and they did a great job with the measurements so it fits perfect, the hood is a good, looks practical as well as looking great, its easy to take off, although bit harder to put back on (nothing major). Fantastic product, comfortable with two inside pockets and handwarmers. I will be looking at other things as well :)

Nick | Rating
The shipment was quick, the jacket is amazing, I LOVE IT ! A really big THANKS to The Jacket maker, and merry christmas everyone !

Jan Shannon | Rating
My order has arrived – OH MY GOODNESS – it is amazing! My kids are really into movies and have ordered various versions of clothing items worn in them – but I have to say the Star Lord jacket takes the Oscar! Many thanks Jan

Michael D Tate | Rating
Received my Dante Coat, fits perfectly (and I'm 6'2" 250 lbs) , excellent quality leather and construction I am very pleased

David Squires | Rating
Absolutely perfect inevery way. Quality, fits like a coat should, wind proof linking, all round great winter coat. Fantastic tracking system and info from DHL. Can't fault this service from start to end in a way. Love it!!!!!!!!

Carlos C. Korea | Rating
Great Quality and I love the idea of making this jacket in Full fur.

Fitzgerald | Rating
Got the Jacket Today and its Beautiful. I will get the whole outfit next month !

Jesse | Rating
Collar is a little bit bigger than the picture, and the distressed part (discolored part) looks a little bit artificial, but I guess it will become better if I wear it for a while. Other than that, the details are great, and size is perfect.

Star Jew | Rating
@ Dominico, I think you are confused. Yes the coat is longer, but it's the coat. This is the closest you can get to the actual jacket that was in the movie, I think it looks awesome. @ Dominico if you want the coat, you can also find it on here.

Dominico | Rating
Looks cool but his jacket is longer in the film. This one possibly is better for "real life" if you get me.

gaellecheminat | Rating
Juste magnifique !!! elle est superbe, qualité top, mesures parfaites, envoi soigné et très très rapide... rien à dire. Je recommande +++

bhart911 | Rating
The seller helped me greatly with the measurements, kept me informed, and received it quickly once it shipped. As for the quality, unbelievable! Its absolutely beautiful on so many levels, perfect form fitting, 100% functional as a jacket(not just cosplay), and absolutely flawless! I would recommend buying from this shop to anyone I know looking for a jacket! Will definitely buy more

Thane Hunt | Rating
I love this Coat. fits well, its warm and has amazing craftsmanship.

John Burgess | Rating
The vest looks just like the photos, and it fits perfectly. Thanks

Takato Nakagawa | Rating
This vest is so cool! And Its a perfect fit :) Im sorry for my poor English. I look foward to dealing with you again!

jenbaruch | Rating
Completly beatiful! thank you! and suit him perfectly.

MarkGH1 | Rating
This has to be the most comfortable coat I've ever worn. It looks and feels fantastic.

tnvol21 | Rating
Absolutely great experience. The jacket couldn't fit more perfect and look more perfect. Great quality! Communication was also outstanding and shipping/delivery was very speedy (even with all the customization). I am going to recommend to others!

VynVulpes | Rating
Coat was perfect. Not much to say about it other than it was wonderful quality and exactly what I hoped for. Thank you Jacket maker !

Phil Hoyt | Rating
Flawless execution. Amazing Price. Fast Delevery.

juliennolleau | Rating
c'est exactement se que je recherchais

cjcox105 | Rating
I just received my vest in the mail today and it is high-quality I am so happy with the results. While I had hoped to get the vest before Halloween, I realize I had ordered it on short notice and the crafter is very good at not only communicating with you but also gets your exact measurements to make sure its a perfect fit. Will be checking out their store for future purchases should I ever need their help. :)

chance2002iu | Rating
item as awesome as it looks. customized and shipped faster than expected. Easy and quick communication. Thinking of getting another style jacket from them sometime in the future.

Joel Piotrowski | Rating
Perfect. Very easy to deal with the seller and the Jacket is great. Thank you.

Alea and Brenda Bankston | Rating
I am so pleased with my jacket and incredibly impressed with The Jacket Maker! They took the photos, details, and measurements I provided, and they made the jacket exactly how I wanted, right down to the ombre color! The fit is great and the construction is high quality. It also came exactly when they said it would. I am thrilled, and I would highly recommend these designers to anyone who is in the market for a new leather jacket.

Cindy | Rating
It shipped on time and is made exquisitely. Love it. Thanks for the good work.

Bria Baublitz | Rating
This item is a Christmas gift for my boyfriend ! It couldn't be more perfect ! It looks great, its exactly what he wanted and it even came a day earlier than expected ! Thank you so much! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

MllePlumet | Rating
Article Géniale ! Mon frère fut heureux de le recevoir ! Il est de bonne taille et l'envoie est rapide =) Bref : Parfait

Rick Chatwell | Rating
Love it, for the price it it is excellent, well made and a great fit.

G. G. | Rating
Absolutely great service! The quality of the leather was a huge concern for me but as soon as I had tried it on I was 100% pleased....just like the leather, 100% real! The size fit me perfectly, give them the measurements to be safe and you won't go wrong. BTW, my wife saw a jacket she liked and I bought one for her too. Happy wife, happy life!

Caitlyn Poli | Rating
Great quality! but barely got the package on time.

Vanst | Rating
It's lovely, and very comfortable. The lining makes it pretty warm too. Is not as thick of leather as I had hoped, but it is pretty high quality. I bought to wear on my motorcycle, which it isn't very good for: first it's a little too thin to be protective, and second the collar flaps like crazy at speeds above 35mph. If you want a really nice jacket, this works great. If you're looking for a motorcycle jacket, this isn't the one you want.

Maxie Dillner | Rating
The coat is really beautiful and fits very nicely. Considering that I ordered at a very busy time (Halloween), it was delivered faster than I expected and the communication with the seller was great. All round great experience! :)

Lauren Chase | Rating
My Sherlock coat is absolute perfection! The quality and texture of the material far surpasses any other replica coats I've seen. You definitely get high quality for the price - well worth it! The coat was made to accommodate my small female frame. It is warm. And, in case you'd like to know, you can do Sherlock coat twirls in it. Shipped and arrived very quickly, and the sellers were prompt and considerate in all communications. Would 100% recommend.

dhamilton89 | Rating
A great communicative and open shop. Asked for modifications on this item that they gladly did for me. The final piece came out great and looked really accurate to the in-game model. My only issues were with the holster and the tie. Both were made of a relatively cheap material that didn't mesh well with the great leatherworking put into the vest. However, I'm not going to fault to much on that as they were basically add ons, and the shop is called TheJacketMaker, not "TheHolsterandPeriodTieMaker" Would purchase from again.

Fred Lang | Rating
Ordered the Jack Reacher Jacket and it was delivered in a reasonable amount of time however the sleeves were too short. Complained and immediately got a return number. Return shipping is in the US. They remade the jacket and received it a short time. Perfect fit and I am loving the jacket. Then ordered the Minority Report Jacket...that is another review

Fred Lang | Rating
This is my second jacket. This one came very quickly. It is a very good looking jacket and well made. Only one complaint...from my wife...stop buying jackets. Oh well con not please everyone

Phillip | Rating
I really like the vest. I thought it would come in blue, but it came in brown. But they did custom fit it perfectly and it arrived very promptly.

Mike | Rating
The quality is perfect. Received several compliments on it. It looks just like it does in the pictures and is legitimate. This was shipped extremely quickly and got it just in time for Halloween. Their communication is superb! Will order many more jackets from here. Thank you TheJacketMaker!

Justin | Rating
Got this jacket for Halloween. The package itself got to me within 3 days and before Halloween, pretty fast! I did order it custom though so they may have drop-shipped it from there. The quality is amazing and looks pretty much like the picture. I am very impressed and will probably browse for some more to add to my collection.

Christian | Rating
This jacket is a real masterpiece. Great material, wonderful color. The jacket looks even better in reality than on the pictures. Surely I will order some jackets here again. I am really happy!

Brooke | Rating
I was a little worried b/c there wasn't any reviews on this jacket when I ordered it. I just received it today and I could not be happier. It is awesome! Expect the same exact quality as shown in the pics! A+++

Karl Morgan | Rating
Ordered a custom version of this jacket to replace a faux one I had for years and loved. Got it to match my old one exactly but in real leather. Craftsmanship is excellent, the jacket is beautiful, and the communication and level of service from the guys at the Jacket Maker was unrivalled. Couldn't be more satisfied. Had to have a second one made due to a sizing miscalculation, and they let me keep the original jacket to boot! Unbelievable - that kind of service and the quality of work will keep you guys in business for a long time. Thanks!

Madness Fades | Rating
Beautiful jacket. Extremely well made. Excellent attention to detail and cut from hig quality leather. It is exactly like the jacket lindsey has been wearing on stage this past few years. The jacket maker replied promptly to all my emails and requests. An all round excellent service and I will be buying again from them. 10/10

Joel | Rating
Hi! I just received today this jacket, the communication between "The Jacket Maker" and me was really good, I live in France and the shipment was fast! The jacket looks awesome, fits perfectly (They make sure of that with some additional mail questions) really good quality, nice details, and I love a lot how it looks while I'm wearing it! I highly recommend The Jacket Maker and I hope that I'm buying more of your stuff soon! Thank You very much!

Red Blue Blur | Rating
Just received my jacket today and it's awesome. Well made and fits nice. Appreciated the quick delivery and product tracking. Now I feel heroic with my cool Smallville jacket.

Bry | Rating
I bought this jacket a few weeks ago and I thought I'd give it a good wear in before I gave a review. The customer service is second to none, after I placed my order I received a follow up email requesting certain physical measurements to confirm size and I can say if they didn't it would have been too small, instead I got a perfect fit. The attention to detail in this jacket is outstanding I've watched 'Contraband' a few times now and I can say TJM have done their research and have stayed faithful to the movie. When TJM say "stitched to perfection" they are totally correct. The stitching is impeccable inside and out. This is a quality jacket that's excellently crafted. Shipping was fast and prompt with tracking. I've recommended TJM to friends and family and they were amazed at how good the jacket looks and feels. I will definitely be buying from TJM again. Thanks The Jacket Maker!!

Andrew | Rating
Great Jacket. Awesome quality

sistee78 | Rating
I have never reviewed anything ... Ever. But i just had to review the jacket i ordered here. First of all, they were super helpful and answered all my questions right away, not to mention that they created a new listing just for my order. Now about the jacket, The picture does not even do this jacket justice. It is Awesome!! I was sooo excited when i received the jacket, i could not wait for my son's birthday so we could give it to him. Thank you the jacket maker! He loved it!

Fab Müller | Rating
Absolutely loving it, feels & looks great

ronniesdad99 | Rating
Love it, very professional and detailed, made to my exact measurements.!!

calexina | Rating
bought as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and he is head over heels in love with it. fits absolutely flawlessly and is very clearly made with high quality materials and attention to detail. it is also packaged for shipping very nicely. it is really amazing, thank you!!

Sarah | Rating
Fit perfectly! I got it as a gift for my boyfriend who didn't know if he wanted the original white jacket or the black and this reversible jacket was perfect! It looks movie quality really. I liked it so much my sister bought one for her boyfriend. Thank you so much again

precila ramos | Rating
I have never reviewed anything ... Ever. But i just had to review the jacket i ordered here. First of all, they were super helpful and answered all my questions right away, not to mention that they created a new listing just for my order. Now about the jacket, The picture does not even do this jacket justice. It is Awesome!! I was sooo excited when i received the jacket, i could not wait for my son's birthday so we could give it to him. Thank you the jacket maker! He loved it!

Chris Sulit | Rating
Jacket made perfectly to my dimensions! Looks great, feels great. Thanks

Steve Jordan | Rating
Purchased a custom version of the Mayhem jacket. It was ready and shipped amazingly quick... Since it was custom, if fit exactly as it should. Very impressed.... The price is almost too good to be true... I highly recommend these guys...

thanks broo , i got it today , its amazing !! and fits perfectly , well done , thanks a lot and take care :)

Andra Higby | Rating
The jacket is awesome! The quality is great and it fits perfect. The jacket was made and delivered in a very reasonable time and I am very pleased!

Alejandro Sandoval | Rating
Good gosh, where do I begin? They've done such an amazing job! The service these guys stand behind is definitely a wonderful thing and they responded fairly quickly to all my questions and didn't have a single problem with it. They asked for a few measurements to make sure it was going to be a proper fit and good lord, it was! The jacket itself feels extremely comfortable when wearing it and it just looks really, really nice. I definitely recommend TheJacketMakers to anyone who's looking for quality work at a decent price.(Not to mention it shipped really, really fast. )